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Welcome to online collection of Ricky Jaswal’s photographs.

Ricky developed and honed his photography techniques in the field of wildlife photography, traveling extensively around India, and visiting foreign countries e.g. Thailand and Russia. He is passionate about rare wild animals, and has captured wonderful rare images of elephants, tigers, deer and exotic birds.

Now Ricky is applying his skills photographing even more difficult, unpredictable and erratic subjects - kids, toddlers and newborns ☺ He is based in Gurgaon, and provides his services everywhere in Delhi and NCR as well. He captures precious family memories by creating unforgettable and unique children and parents’s portraits. He also specializes in making portfolios of family pets. He gives unique depth and warmth in his photographs, and captures fleeting moments, tiny smiles and cutest expressions and situations.

In addition, Ricky mastered the Food & Drink photography, creating colorful images of splashing cocktails and juicy fruit arrangements. These creations are often used as interior design elements by bars and restaurants in NCR area.

Ricky is a winner of multiple photo competitions and awards, including Photographer of the Year 2014 by Pixoto.com. He is the winner of multiple “Photo of the Month”, “Photo of the Day” awards. His work has been featured by Canon India and Canon Asia.

Ricky loves to share his knowledge and provides workshops and regular photography classes for beginners and more advanced students of DLSR photography. For more details, call or WhatsApp 8447534350.

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